Colony Collapse

Colony Collapse (Digital collage series), 2017

In 1950, traces of plutonium isotopes began to make their way into the earth’s crust. Colony Collapse is a series of collages depicting the interconnectivity of nuclear development and Cold War era consumerism, and the implications of both. The collages use a combination of vintage advertisement imagery alongside technological diagrams, juxtaposed with elements of environmental devastation (such as fire, drought and threatened species). The titles of the individual works borrow from the language used in advertisements and product branding of the 1950s. The series provokes questions regarding ideals of progress and consumerist-fueled economic growth, and the established disconnect between consumptive commercial culture and ecological damage.


Research: Orkney Fieldwork: Scenes, sights, and landmarks

Research derived from a five-day stay on the main island of Orkney (mainland), looking at recurring icons of the landscape to better understand the implications of these symbols and their context. The most circulated photographs of Orkney are composed of scenes, sights, and landmarks.

scene: a place or setting regarded as having a particular character or making a particular impression

Certain icons on the island are dependent on the panorama that they are set in. The standing stones and sea stacks are particular vertical elements that contrast against the horizontality of the landscape.

sight: places of interest to tourists and visitors in a city, town, or other place

Symbols like cows and boats are very repeated in Orkney’s landscape, and hint at the agrarian and maritime history of the islands. However, with changing economies and technologies, the relevance of these icons are called into question.

landmark: an easily recognized object or feature of a landscape or town that enables someone to establish their location

While Orkney’s landscape is very wild and natural, there are instances of architecture that invoke a sense of human touch to the islands, establishing human presence.

‘de(relic)t’ at the Pier Arts Centre


2x Framed digital collage

Element, Pier Arts Centre Group Exhibition

An exploration of the tension between historical preservation and political denial; confronting issues of the past and present, at global and local scales.

Visual representation: ‘sight//plight’


Collage Series

Topos, Tent Gallery Group Exhibition

December 2013

These collages explore the tension between esteemed/popular landmarks and the realities of the locations of the landmarks, as the meaning of place can be more complicated than mainstream, circulated stock photos may suggest.

This land is Your Land

“This Land is Your Land”

Text on vinyl, in situ

Topography, Tent Gallery Group Exhibition

October 2013

A commentary on the environmental and political climate affecting the border between Mexico and the United States, “This Land is Your Land” addresses the fragmentation of the landscape by constructed political borders. The two-dimensionality of the piece replicates the product of territoriality and artificial constructs specific to this American geographical region. By interacting with existing architectural elements, the piece recreates the event of encountering natural topographic formations that are interrupted by man-made structures.